Spark Custom Packaging Goes Beyond Just the Promotional Gift! FREE with Purchase of 250 The Original Toddy Cloth Premium Microfiber Cloth 5"x7".


Do you have more to say than what fits on a promotional microfiber cloth? Need something extra to make your brand stand out? Have a limited budget? We have just the right packaging accessory to meet your needs and its FREE, no extra charge with orders of 250 The Original Toddy Cloth Premium Microfiber Cloth 5"x7". Scroll down and learn more about the impactful Spark Custom Packaging.


Full-color Imprint

Don't be shy and express your brand message with a custom, full-color imprint on both sides of the packaging. 

Design Options

Are you a creative genius? If yes, design your own Spark. If no, we will do the heavy lifting and coordinate your              packaging design with the Smart Cloth. 

Made in the USA

Spark™  Custom Packaging is designed, manufactured, and printed in the USA.

Smart Cloth and Spark™ Custom Packaging

The Original Smart Cloth "Toddy Cloth" Premium Microfiber Cloth 5"x7" (TOY-C)

Promote brands while cleaning dirt, dust, and smudges off everything from mobile devices to large panel flat screens, cameras, eyewear, projector lenses, car interiors, windows, and so much more. This dual-sided Smart Cloth Premium Cleaning Cloth stands out from the rest while making your brand the main attraction. The Smart Cloth is a promotional gift that customers love to receive.


Interactive Virtual Experience

Spark™ Custom Packaging

Take Spark™ Custom Packaging by Toddy Gear wherever your next promotional opportunity leads you. Spark gives you the maximum message exposure while delivering a promotional product that keeps gadget screens clean on a daily basis.


FREE with an order of 250 or more
of The Original Toddy Cloth Premium Microfiber Cloth